Monday, May 22, 2006

Hello Sandra! I´d like you to write about your typical day. (use adverbs of frequency) I hope your classmates will write about them too...


Anonymous said...

Hello teacher. I didn´t forget my homework. This is my tipical day .

My day starts at seven a.m.,when I wake up and get up. Then my children get up, because they go to school at seven thirty a.m. Then I prepare breakfast. I often eat some cookies and a cup of coffee.
A few minutes later I generally get dressed with sports wear and in the summer I walk for a couple of miles and go to shops, to supermarket, to the bank.
Around twelve p.m. I prepare lunch for my family because my sons come back from school.
Sometimes I go to gym or play tennis.
Later I have a shower and help my sons with their homeworks, and I work in the computer.
When my husband gets home we have dinner around nine thirty p.m.
I always watch t.v. because I like Montecristo´s series. Then I go to bed and read a weekly magazine.
but when I lean my head on the pillow, I sleep very very very well, until the following day.

ACI San Vicente said...

The "usuario anónimo" = SANDRA has a very busy typical day...
Great work!

Anonymous said...

hello teacher.
I´m Sandra. This is my e mail.
see you later.bye bye...

Anonymous said...

Fabiana Toselli told me if you´ll can search the certificate that she finished her English studies in the ACI.
She needs it for her new job.
See you later and I hope your answer.