Wednesday, July 26, 2006

6th. year Adults: REVIEWS OF FILMS .Have you seen any films recently? Let´s see your opinion
about them.


Anonymous said...


The last film I really enjoyed was DERAILED. It starred Clive Owen and Jennifer Aniston. It was directed by Mikael Hafstróm, an unknown director. It was set in Chicago but in fact it was shot in London. It was subtitled, which is important for me son I can practise understanding English.

It's about a married man (Charles) who knows a pretty woman (Lucinda) in the train. They meet again for a dinner and in this moment they decide to go to a mothel. Here, they are attacked by a rude man. He hits the man and rapes the woman. Then they decide not to make a report to protect theirs dignity, theirs good names.
Charles says to his family that he had been robbed.
After a few days, the rude man calls Charles for a blackmail. Charles pays the blackmail with her daughter's money. Safe money for a processing of healthy.
At the end of the film, the story has an unexpected way. Charles discovers that all the situation had been planned by the rude man and Lucinda. So he recovers the money and kills them in different moments.
Overall, there are excitingg scenes, but I can't say anything about the soundtrack because it isn't important for me. I don´t listen!!!

Well, I recommend it. It's a brilliant thriller with a surprising ending. If you want suspense, you have to see this film.

Anonymous said...


A film I really enjoyed was "I am Sam". It's starred by Sean Penn, Dakota Fanning and Michel Pfeiffer and It's set in a big city.
It´s a drama. The story is about a disabled man who has to take care of a daughter when her mother want away just after leaving the Hospital. The girl is intelligent and beautiful. She's called Lucy. The father teach her everything trough the history and songs of The Beatles. When They're celebrating Lucy's Birthday a Social Assistant take the girl to an orphanage away from her father. So the man has to deal a lawyer to get back Lucy. The lawyer was a bussy woman who decided to work for free. In spite of their efforts, the girl is adopted by a sustitute family. But They keep fighting and finally They can get her home and everything starts to get better.
One of the most interesting and tender part is one where Lucy try to convince her father She isn't smarter than him. The soundtrack is great: All the songs belong to The Beatles. I think it's a brilliant and moving film because it gives wonderful lessons of life to anyone who see the movie. I really recommend it!

Anonymous said...

Poseidon is a sequel of a historical drama film. It stars Richard Dreyfuss, Josh Lucas, Kurt Russel, among others. I don’t remember the director name!
All the film was set in an enormous ship, in the middle of the ocean.
It’s based on a real event. It’s about an incredible cruise where a big group of people were on holidays. At midnight, when two thousand passengers were ringing for the new year, in a great party, a giant wave crashed into the ship and put it upside down.
From this moment a group of survivors start a frightening way to the top of the ship.
If we talk about the soundtrack of this film I can’t say anything, because it’s not relevant.
I don’t know what kind of music was used in it.
In my opinion it’s not a good film. It’s very dark and cruel. I don’t like when directors make a “horror film” with a real event!

Anonymous said...

Your reviews are really good work . The paragraphs are well organized with your final opinions,we´ll see the details in class . WELL DONE!!!