Sunday, September 09, 2007

2nd year Junior:

Descriptions of dangerous animals


Anonymous said...

Pumas, Tazmanyan demons and tarantulas

Anonymous said...

Tazmanyan demos are usually black.They are 60cm. long.They live in coastal areas and forest.They eat small reptiles,mammals and dead animals.They aren´t poisonous but they are dangerous.They have got a very strong mouth.

Anonymous said...


Scorpions are usually light brown. They are 10 centimetres long.
They are common in all deserts.
They drink water and eat insects and rats.
They are poisonous, and they are dangerous for humans.


Sharks are usually grey. They are 2-14 metres long.
They are common in all seas.
They drinkwarer and eat fish.
They aren't poisonous, but they are dangerous for humans.


Octopus are usually blue and yellow. They are 20 centimetres long.
They are common in all australian seas.
They drink water and eat fish and plancton.
They are poisonous, and dangerous for humans.

Anonymous said...

Puma are usually brown and white.
They are aboute 1,8 mts.and 120kg.
They live betwine rocks and trees.
Thet eat deere they aren't poisonous but they are dangerous because.They attack humans for fod.

Anonymous said...

Tarantulas are usually brown and grey.They are big and hairy.They have got articulated legs.They are common in a natural habitat.They eat a big variety of insects.They are poisonous and dangerous :the hair is dangerous because it has got poison.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting and useful information! Well done!