Thursday, May 22, 2008

The ACI is a comfortable and quite modern building.
It´s situated on the corner of Liniers and Buenos Aires streets and It´s started to work in 1973 in Asociacion Presidente Sarmiento.
Then It moved to family´s houses. Finally the ACI has been situated in this building since 1885.
The walls of the building are made of smooth white stones.In addition on one of the front entrance leads to a big hall which connects to the library.Here, there is a boockcase whit material for teaches and students.Next to It there is a desk where the Director or teachers welcome parents as well as students.Moreover the hall sometimes becomes a workshop, a classroom,a meeting room and a place where students act.On the left of this hall there are two classrooms.In the first one little children learn English playing and singing songs with different teachers.The other room is usually for teenagers and adults.It has got a tv, headphones and a lot of videos and films.Both classrooms are painted yellow and they are crowded with pictures, maps and some boockshelves.At the back there is a computer room where students can practise in different webs and visit the ACI blog.
As we see It, this institute is a small building.However,It has got many facilities.Personally speaking we think the English languaje is necesary for our future...
5 junior

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Anonymous said...

GREAT WORK ! You described our Institute very well practising what we learned in class . I really liked the ACI pictures "collage" . CONGRATULATIONS