Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hello! I hate to make profiles but I have to do it, because the teacher is angry!!!
My name´s Sofía Turino and I´m seventeen... I live in San Vicente, Santa Fe.
I don´t like any subjectct of the school, I only like Law, Culture and Economics because we discuss reality situations of life... Also P.E. only when we play volleyball or handball.
At the weekends I like to be with my friends and go out... I love going to "Daser Junior" on Saturday, it´s very funny...
I like very very very much animals... but I only have two Dálmatas Dog: "Lola" y "Arón"; and I have a tortoise "Dora", I had had another "Anita" but it had lost, I´m really sad because of that... When I was younger I had fishes, but they´d died. My favourites animal are dolphins and zebras.
In my free time I listen to music (good music), I read or watch Tv; my favourite program is "Duro de Domar", I see it always at 19 when I arrive home, because I go out of the school at that hour.
I think I said enough, I hope you like it teacher.

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Anonymous said...

I liked your profile SOFÍA and I think it´s very interesting. Go on using the blog to practice English..