Friday, September 11, 2009


Students and teachers from San Vicente and San Martin all went to Sta. Fe to see the play "Cleopatra" .

Here are some pictures that reveal what we did on this nice afternoon we spent together ...
Even the boys ("profe" included) managed to play and compete with video games for a while!
Now , we'd like to know your opinions about the play , characters , your general view about it all.
Hope to see your comments.


Mavi said...

Hello to everyone!
I want to tell you what was my favourite character of the play "Cleopatra"..

It seems to me that Appi is the monkery character of the play. He behaves playfully and makes us laugh all the time. In general we´ve had a funny and great time that afternoon.In my opinion the play was very nice and all the characters acted very well as they could sing,act,dance and many other things that make the play really amusing!!
As regards the tour,I think It was fantastic!
We all became friends with San Martin students and really we enjoyed a lot! We also visited different places of the city, the most amazing was the English bus because we all believed we were in London!!
In addition all the photos that we took in that place were very very funny!!
Hope that expirience is repeated ... :)

Frann said...


my favorite character of the play was appi. The character is very funny and it's wrong but in the play made us laugh a lot, it makes a lot of jokes and entertained us well.
my opinion of the play is good, we had great fun and the characters were well differentiated, in my case knew who each character was. each character acted very well and is never wrong. They were geniuses!
After work we met several places Santa Fe and luckily we had a great
I hope they make a trip back again soon so we fenced.

See you soon. greetings to all

Carlo said...


My favourite character in Cleopatra was Appi because he's fanny and very fulish.

I spent passed it great with my partners in Santa Fe. In my opinion the best moment was when the boys played a cars game.

Pancho said...

Hello people! I think that the play in general was nice but in some moments It was a bit childish. However I undestood everything!.
My favourite character was Appi because he was funny all the time!
To sum up the day was amazing except for the experience with "Franco" due to he wasn´t allowed into the CASINO.
I hope that the experience will be repeated again!