Sunday, September 19, 2010

A.C.I. TOUR to the THEATRE...

Last September 13th. students of 5th. year San Vicente and 5th. and 6th years San Martín , travelled to Santa Fe to see the play: The Young Einstein . Moreover they enjoyed an afternoon together. Here are some pictures.

Now I hope to get your comments as well as more photos...!!


Leandro said...

My favorite character is Agatha, because, I like how she acts, sings, although she speaks very quickly and was the evil woman, but she acts very well...

Lara said...

It seems to me that the play was interesting but not very much because the idea was thought for litle children

Fiama said...

To my mind Vladimir was the best character, because he made me laugh.
I think that we can learn a lot listening to persons who speak very fluently.
Overall the play was fun and I enjoyed this.
I'd like to go again next year.

Florencia P. said...

My favourite character is Agatha. I liked how she sang and spoke. To my mind, she is a good actress and the evil character was great.
On the whole, I liked the play. I think that it was for all the ages.
I enjoyed the day, it was very nice.
The next year I like to go again and see other play.

Anto said...

On the whole, I enjoyed the play "THE YOUNG EINSTEIN" but in particular I didn´t like the plot very much. As I see it, my favourite character was Millie because she was funny and very simpathetic actress. Personally, Ilike the shopping most of all! Finally, next year, I want to go again but I´d like to see more difficult play. Will, I understand it? I wonder.

Fernanda said...

The play in my opinion was very funny, but the story was to children. The characters were amazing; they acted very well and we learnt a lot of new words, besides we improved our language.
Tha day was a very nice way to learn English and spend with classmates. I enjoyed the day so much and I didn't go to the school!!!

Juani y Aldi said...

In our opinion, the play was interesting. Although we think that it was made for children, it helped us to improve our listening.
We enjoyed the Shopping Center and we laughted a lot in the crashing cars.
I (Juani) missed the actors who performed Cleopatra because they were funnier.
(Aldi) It was the first time I went to see an english play and I a really liked and understood it.

Renzo said...

the play was some funny but in my opinion,the history is for childrens. i like the shopping and the crashing cars. i eat a pizza when we went to the shopping.
i want go again the next year

Teacher said...

Thanks for all these comments.! If most of you think that this has helped to improve the language , the listening, and what´s more you UNDERSTOOD it..!! well, that´s great for the teachers too.
Juani. I agree with you: Cleopatra was funnier and more interesting though I enjoyed this one as well

Marcos and Juliana said...

In our point of view the tour was funny and very interesting.
The play was good, the characters were so so but it made us spend a great moment!
The young Einsten was a difficult play because the characters spoke very quickly.
Our favourite character was Albert because was friendly and intelligent. He acted very well and he was loving. He was happy and funny in the play.
It made us lought a lot.
Albert is very equal to Marcos Soria.
Then,we lovied going to shopping, ate pizza and ice-cream and bought nail painting with Delfina in "Todo Moda".
The trip was very positive! was very enjoyable besides, we learned a lot of things! :)