Monday, May 16, 2011

6th. year
Opinions about: GENDER EQUALITY


Anonymous said...

I'm convinced that as now as long time ago, women discrimination was and is a very serious problem.
From the most remote times in the History, women had been treated different from men. They had to take care of kids and served men even they were tired, busy or only didn't fancy that. Obviously, they couldn't think or say any little thing, because only men could do that.
I don't believe that the world have changed in any aspect, although now women have got a lot of achievements, society continues discriminating them.
In greek modern History, the myths included women monsters, like Sirens, harpies and others. Then, women's concept was improving, but up to now there isn't equality between both sexes. Women have obligations while men always have rights.
It isn't fair. If a woman is tired, she also has the right to lean on an armchair to watch TV while the man could do the supper and take care of their children.

In my opinion, a man caprice (purpose envy against woman) influenced male society giving the woman a very inferior place in the priority. And as they are stronger that women, they can make their thinkings worthwhile.
Therefore, men, do you still think that you are fair persons with us? Is not enough to think that from centuries and centuries we are your pets? Fortunately, at present we have a lot of liberty to express our justice shouts and probably in a short time we can manage something, like for example men cleaning the house and taking care of children.

leandro said...

Male vs. Female

Personally as a man, I think that in Argentina, society make a difference between Work for men and women, because men do always “hard work” and women do “light woks”…
In addition a ballot said that is false that women prefer jobs different from men’s jobs, but then they added that men discriminate because are very male.
In other ballot we can see that women supported harder rhythm of work, and always finished their work before going home; and men want to be leaders, have more power of decision, and make the planning.
In my opinions both of them would have the same opportunity to do all the jobs, men can do “light chooses” like cooking, washing the dishes, and more things… and women maybe could do “hard Works” perhaps not all of them because, for example, I don’t imagine a women lumbering bugs in a farm or building a house; but why don’t they drive a spacer or a lorry, repair a car, …

On the other hand, people have different opinions about this…
Men’s opinions are that women:
Are more complicated.
Have more ambitions.
Always speak a lot of time on the telephone.
Never are finished when they have to go out.
Always want to have the house cleaned.
Never have enough clothes.
Always find something to be furious.
Always know what their friends do and criticise it.
Think that going shopping is like an obligation.
However, they are the most beautiful thing in the world.

And women think that men:
Are little expressive.
Only think of their own.
Football and food are over all the things.
Three pair of shoes is enough to live.
Never remember birthday’s date.
Work all the day and don’t give enough attention to the family.
Never have time to go shopping.
Think that the cooker has teeth.
Always look at other girls.
However, they are the most beautiful thing in the world.

Well! At least we agree in something! Both are important in the other’s life.

Flor said...


As I see it, "equal profession and responsibility, equal wage". It's a right.
The fight of women continues especially to make labor fairer laws.
An example of fight is that women's acces to politics began in late Twentieth Century when women won the battle for the right of vote.
To my mind, women have the right as man to have a decent work, equal pay and the same social rights as men.
In the past, in wars, women looked after the house and the family. And when men died in wars, they replaced them in industries.
Nowadays, the man isn't the onlyone who works and supports the family because the woman also works and does the chores.
Women have the capability to be very important in a company.
Consequently, they have important positions like a man.
But there are many forms of discrimination, such as for motherhood. As a result, many women lose their jobs by asking for the birth leave because the company refuses to give it.
To sum up, I'm conviced that men and woman should get equal wages for the same job, equal opportunities and overall "equal rights".

Anto! said...


I´m convinced that men´s and women´s work has changed a lot in the past sixty years. Therefore, both should have equal pay for equal work.
First of all, to my mind men and women should have the same possibilities to get a job. In the past, "light" jobs and the housework were exclusively for women but "heavy" ones that required physical strength were only for men. For example: Bank clerks, judges and accountants, were usually men while secretaries, teachers and cooks were generally women. Nevertheless, through the years, men and women haven shown that both are able to do all kinds of work perfectly. Consequently, there shouldn´t be differences in gender. In addition, I strongly feel that is still discrimination in the payment received for equal work and I don´t believe that this is right.
To sum up, today society should accept gender equality and give equal opportunities and pay to both men and women.

Fiama said...


In my view, this woman is a symbol of fight for women to obtain the same rights as men. Personally, I believe that they must live in a world where all women have got the same opportunities and we're working to delete discrimination.

First of all, I want to emphasize the work of Eva Perón in the Argentinian history. She fought for us and for the poor people as well. In addition, she got the women's vote which allowed them to be part of the decisions of our country.
I think that it's really important because we have the same capacity to work and make big things.
That is why men are angry with us, because they know it and they can't accept it.
To my mind, any person of the World mustn't be different as we live in a same ground with the same colour of blood. I'm convinced that there is a bad idea to be a crazy feminist of chauvinist, we have to find a balance because we'll live together for ever and we were created for be connected.

In short, I feel that persons like Eva Perón are a symbol and I hope that this type of discrimination doesn't exist in the future. We can change it!

Juli Gomez said...

A GIRL asks a boy out or a BOY asks a girl out first?

Nowadays,both men and women invite the opposite sex´s out on a date. In my point of view this is correct,due to the fact that men and women are the same.

First of all, I belive thet in the past, there was a gender difference because only men asked a girl out, therefore if a woman did this, society saw it very bad. Why did this happen? I think that, because the men were considered stronger, hard-working and had authority. They were superiority of women.

People belived that women didn´t have right for come up to men. In my mind, this was ridiculous, because women didn´t show their feelings.

Luckily this change, I strongly feel that a lot of relationships start because WOMEN aproache to men first.

It seems to me, men should continue paying when they go out with a girl, for instance in a restaurant. I´m sure, he will pay... if not, he´s NOT a good gentleman.(In this case, I contradict myself when I say that man and women should be the same, but it is only one advice so that men are more polite).

To conclude, I´m convinced that chatting someone up isn´t easy but if it is a task for both sexes.

Lara said...


I am convinced that women are as clever as men. Therefore they have to have the same rights.
Firts of all, I know that the men are stronger than women at physical jobs but not for it the women are less or they aren´t useful.
Im my view, the women are very creative and more sensitive than men.
Both can work in the kitchen or in a supermarket or else in some mechanical work.
Because of this, they should get equal pay for doing the same jobs.
Consequently, the difference between genders must disappear.
Last, but not least, thanks to new technologies and moderm appliances working is easier and faster.
Almots all jobs have technologies for humans to work better and in less time.
Finally, discrimination and the gender gap should be reduced and promote equal rights.

Facu said...


The question is: is it true that men are lazier than women in the housework?
I'll give some points of view on this.
Women are better at this but the men try to help, they set the table, wash dishes and sweep the floor, but not very often. The women protest more than men because they're lazy. However they help their wives.
The problem is mothers don't teach their sons and, therefore, they don't bother to learn. Consequently men are less in this work.
My conclusion is that woman do much of the housework but the man also tries to help them.

Teacher said...

Congrats to : Tunny, Leandro, Flor, Anto, Fiama, Juli, Lara, Facu. I enjoyed reading your works. we´ll comments some mistakes in class, but I really like your ideas...!!

Fernip said...

As I see it women are undervalued in the sports, some sports are more popular for men than for women, for example men usually practice basketball or football and women play volleyball or Tennis.
Therefore in men`s basketball we know the results of the ACB League, the Cup of the King, Euro league and ULEB Cup and the NBA. However we don`t know the results of Spanish female League, Cup of the Queen, or the corresponding “Female ULEB Cup”.
In addition for football, while in males there are the results of the leagues of 1st and 2nd division, top scorers, Cup of the King, foreign leagues, Champions League and UEFA Cup all the day, for women even given the results of their 1st division league, or Cup of the Queen, or the equivalent in Champions League.
Therefore, in my view women can be the same o better than men in some sports, so they should be treated as men because there are no difference between men and women.

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