Monday, September 25, 2006

6th year Adults

Let´s write about a holiday in a place we´ve been to (or imagine one). Students make comments guessing the name of the place. Here goes my example, Can you guess?

It´s January here, so it´s a very cold and grey day. However, I´m enjoying the tour in a boat with two coleagues and looking at the typical buildings of this island which date from five hundred years ago.

As it comes nearer, we can get a better view of the city and watch the huge Saint Marcus Cathedral which is one of the best examples of baroque architecture. Now, we are sailing across the big canal from where we can appreciate the fascinating sights, though my favourite view is the romantic "Bridge of Sighs".

According to a legend, this bridge is so called because the desperate prisioners sighed when they crossed it and looked at the city for the last time before they were sentenced to death. However, lovers also sigh when they sail under it. Personally, I think the most romantic moment is the ride on the gondola while the gondolier sings a loving song and guides the tour as well.

On the other hand, when you take one of these rides you smell the humidity and watch how water can also ruin the old houses.
Finally, we get to land and walk in the main square surrounded by historical buildings ,typical cafeterías, shops sellings souvenirs, photographers, and tourists from all parts of the world that move among the flight of hundreds of pigeons.


Anonymous said...

For me the city you are talking about is Venice.

Anonymous said...

I am sitting at a café in the centre of the city. From here, I can see the Square, the Cathedral, which has been refashioned not so long ago, and an old building which now is a museum. However, my favourite view is from the top of the San Bernardo Hill because I can see all the city and the mountains. To get there, I can take the cable car or go by car too. There is a long stairs to the top I can take as well. That’s the best option if you like doing exercise at the open air.
Although the weather wasn’t as good as we expected, we went shopping and we visited every place in this city. Buying here is very cheap. You will find a lot of marvellous local crafts everywhere.
Also we went on a day trip to some cities near it. We knew some wine vaults where they offered us wine and cheese to try...They were delicious!
On the other hand, the nightlife is very varied: There is a place for every taste. The culture of this region coexist perfectly whit modernity.
This city is very old but I find it very attractive and interesting to visit...and stay!