Monday, October 16, 2006

3rd. year

WELCOME TO THE BLOG: Write a story about an incident .
You can choose from the Natural Phenomena we´ve worked in class.


Anonymous said...

In a White desert
I was in the bedroom of my house with my girl friend. It was cold in afternoon on July twenty two. We were watching tv and having popcorn and cokes.
I was going to kitchen when I looked at the windows and saw the weather wasn’t perfect. My garden was white and I wasn’t saw anything …
My girlfriend arived at the kitchen and saw that I was fain. When the blizzard finished, we went out of the house and saw that we were the only survives...
The End

Anonymous said...

In january of 2003
Iwas going with my friends to acamp near a lake.the place was beatutiful,quiet and the lake was surrounded with montain.
In the afternoon,i was swiming in the lake, and my friends weare sleeping under the tree.Sudenly i was felt the water very hot.
I told my friends and we weare frightened .
Wend the moon was in the sky a cloud of smoke went out of the one montain there was a volcano and the hot lava was movingon the street and run down the montain.
We were freezed because of the natural show.
Finally the lava died was dead in the dark lake water.

Anonymous said...

The hot lava in the city.
It was a cool night on March. I was studying in my friend’s house. I was with three friends.
I was going to buy sandwiches. My friends were watching tv. I was going to the house when I saw an active volcano. I was really frightening. I was running to my friend’s house.
The people escaped to the city. I was afraid but I was helped fire-fighters with the hurt peoples.

Anonymous said...

The road was under the water!

i was traveling whit my friends from California. It was windy and rainy.
The other people were traveling to. We were singin “tell my baby” and we were eating cookies.
I could see the terrible wind to me, the other people stopped their cars. I was really frightened. We phoned the firefighters.
The firefighters didn’t arrive but the hurricane finished.

Anonymous said...

The big stormy

I was in the club whit my friends. It was hot and cloudy. I was playing basketball.
I was going to the park. It started to rain and there was a storm.
My friends was running in my home but I was looking the storm.
Started to also hail. My friends was a lot of confusion. The fire brigade rescued my friend, my father and my mother. my cousion went to hospital. We was good.

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