Thursday, August 14, 2008

The platence actor-songwrite Pablo Martìnez is a young cute boy. At the moment, he's living Ba As.
In the spite of this, at the wekeends he also lives in La Plata whit his parent and two brothers.
He was born on 23 Nobember 1986, in the great place front of see.

When he was a young child, he played volley boll in Vélez. Furthermore, for years ago, Pablo worked in the librery on The Desingn and Arquitect Faculty, a as offices clerk. Besides at the age of 18 he worked a as R.R.P.P in the disco on Belgrano in addiction, he likes cars and friday go on racing car track.
Nowa days, he has the role o "SIMÓN" in "Casi Angeles"; However, he has been acting in several of films, plays, "FREE SUIMMING POOL" or "LET'S DO AN OPERA". That were releasea at the early 2007.

Also, sometimes, his friends call him little clown. Nevertheless,he continues being a fan of the football tean "Newbel"
He loves his car and he`s crazy about writing things about his life,love,friends,etc, on his oun furnitive; such as cupboard or book shelvs. In spite of in being very romantic he is and untidy.

I feel that Pablito is one extraordinable person, singer and very good looking. he's calm,sporty and he enjoys spending time whit his family. well, finally is perfect candidate for single girls.

bye, kiss


Anonymous said...

I love you ¡¡¡¡


Anonymous said...

I liked your biography especially the pictures in the collage you created : a CUTE boy really!!!
We´ll comment in class about vocabulary and how we can improve it , but , very good for doing the homework .(the first...)