Monday, May 04, 2009

Welcome to 2009 Courses
I hope this year Students visit and use the ACI blog.

Our objective is try to practise and improve the learning and teaching of the language.

The Best wishes for a great year!


SANDRITA said...

Boulevard street
2447 S. Vte.
May, 18th.
Dear Marilyn:
Sorry, I'm very sad because I haven't been able to write a letter yet.
Since I arrived in Argentina, I've been very busy (it's for all the time I spent out).
Anyway, i'm writing to thank you for all the beautifull days and nights which we spent in London.
I remember every thing, every time wspecially when we acted like "SISTER" in the musical comedy, and, of course, when I knew OXFORD UNIVERSITY. As regards this, could you send me by messenger the photos and videos we took there?
Well, I tell you about me, since I returned I'm organizing the the daughter's birthday's party and preparing my last subjet in the master of chemistry.
About myself, I put on weight about five kilos while I was in London. So, I'm going to gym and doing lots of workouts now.
I hope to see you soon. I'm looking forward to the moment in which you are travelling to Argentina to visit me.
I won't forget the interesting time we spent together and we cold repeat the meeting. Summer in Argentina's sea is too nice.
Give my love to your parents,

PS: May be we could act in Corrientes' street when you stay here.

Teacher said...

I see you did your homework, GREAT.. You know this is a good way to practise , go ahead.....
Ah....and I´ll see you acting in Corrientes street one day !!!