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Mavi.. said...

Men´s rights or excuses? :O

Front my point of view nowadays people live in a real society where the man is the main character, especially in the world of busisness.Therefore,it´s important to appraise his hard work outside the house.However, it isn´t a good excuse to apologize for not helping his wife with the household chores.
Since the man is able to carry out his duties of work he is also able to help in his own house with some chores.
This idea benefits the life of women and what´s more men will have a correct position if they help their wives as they deserve. In this way they will become sweet persons for accomplishing diferent activities not only concerningtheir world of busisness; so their wives will be happier and will love them more.
To sum up, to my way of thinking the best way for living in harmony is working together since i´m convinced that if we work with our family together, impossible is nothing.

By mAvI :)

Franco said...

Male VS female?

Im not sure but male or female is a big issue nowdays. The best solution would be that men a women should help eath other at home.

First of all, i think that male and female must be diferent. Men should work in a factory or workshop, but could also take care of their children when mothers are not at home. For this reazon, women should stay at home and cook, wash the dishes, clean the house and other things.
Nowadays this has changed. Therefore men and women argue over who does more things to help the family.
At the moments men also do things for women and women do things for men.

In short, men should return to their jobs and women too.

By Frann

Luisi! said...

Desesperate housewifes!

Nowadays the society is machismo. Men have more advantage those women. In my view, I don’t agree with machismo and feminism, but I defend women as some men should help with her chores, because women work out side too!

50 years ago, women only used to clean the house and feed their kids, and they had to wait their husbands with hot food!
At present, women work out side and into the house too. For example, in my case, my mother finishes the day very tired, consequently she becomes like a spider with us! Because we don’t help enough. In general mothers help their children with homework, they go to school meetings, and they cook every time for their family, and more…
However technology creates modern appliances such as dishwashers, microwave ovens, washings machines. That how technology progress collaborated with women!

I am convinced they men should help women. So that they don’t desperate too much!

By Luisi

Danei said...

Men vs women: Same salary?

In my opinion women should get equal pay for doing the same work as men.

First, I think this because they have two jobs, one outside the home and two: to care for the children, help with his homework and go to school meetings.
Second, women are as strong as men, but women are psychological strong and men are stronger for phisical jobs and also they are more practical.
Finally, when they are expecting a baby, can take some time off work, therefore, men take some time off a work too for help them with household chores.

To sum up, for all these reason, I think that women should get equal pay for work as men.

Carlo said...


As I set it, there are no equally between men and women. I don’t understand why.
I think that women are phycholical stronger than men but, they argue with other girls.
In fact, really I see that women work outside, for example: In my case my dad helps me with my homework and the housework chores.
Fortunately, my mum always stays in my house as her jobs close to it because my dad gets house tired.
To my way of thinking men are more practical an physically stronger. This is why those only men can do hard jobs. Consequently some women don’t get jobs.
Finally, men and women should help their children with the homework, and share the household chores.

Anonymous said...


In my view, women roles have changed a lot in the last years. Consequently, men should definetely think if they are cleverer than the opposity sex.
First of all, i believe that women are stronger than men in the house. They do all the household chores for example ironing and cleaning. Besides, they have to cook and serve the meal when their husbands and children arrive home after work and school. As i see i, men should do some of the housework too because women also have the right to sit and relax. In adittion, men are not only the ones who work outside home.
Nowadays, women work the same hours as men and their salaries are the same. Therefore, if they work as hard as men, they should not "the weaker sex".
Another important thing is education.
I believe that women are able to study the same carrers as men. Today we can see women who are lawyers and doctors. Therefore, men aren´t more inteligent than women at education.
In my opinion both sexs hace the same rights. That is why women´s roles are very different from the past. I strongly feel that women aren´t "the weaker sex" any more.

By Juli Biancotti.

Anonymous said...

men vs women!

I think that the person are equal but is known that many people belive that wich they have more right and they think that they can do evrything. As i see women it are not capable of doing jobs that de men do and the men are not able have enjoy moments that women have as for example:having a baby. For this reason women shoud be working at the house, wash, airon, clean to take care of the children and mens have to bring the money to the house and them watch at television, read, go to the gym and relax.
Finally women must be working in the house and attend her husband.that wy the men must be the king of the house and everybody has do what he says.


Teacher said...

Well done to all of you who posted your essays as homework. Go on trying , you´ll improve your writing. there´s still one student missing.... Good ideas,we do the comments in class.

Anonymous said...

Hello teacher!
I want to tell you that today I made First´s homework with Alda in my house. Please if you need me, call me soon because I´m not a missing person jajaj
See you..


Mavi.. said...

Anonymous said...
Hello teacher!
I want to tell you that today I made First´s homework with Alda in my house. Please if you need me, call me soon because I´m not a missing person jajaj
See you..


silvina said...

Mavi.... ! It´s really good that you practised doing homework... but enjoy your last days of holidays ...
We´ll meet on Monday 27th.and hard work all week....!!! See you