Sunday, June 21, 2009

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Leo said...

I saw an accident when I was traveling to Carlos Paz at six o’ clock.
I was ten years old and I was with my family.
We were traveling across the route when we saw two cars had crashed. Immediately my father went out the car and saw all the parts of the cars and the people that were in this place.
In this moment my family an i started to call the firemen and when they arrived we tell them and finally went on with our trip

Flor P. said...

When I was a kid, we had an ice cream shop.
One day, my brother and I were playing with a ball in the room above, and suddenly, it was by the staircase wich was very dangerous.
My brother wanted to get it, and fell on the stairs.
My dad was downstairs and saw him falling.
I started to cry.
My brother had cut off his head and he didn't react.
Inmediately, we went to the hospital and then, to Rafaela.
There, the doctors did him some studies and they hit his head.
After some days of staying in the clinic, he was better.
Then, my family went to visit him very often.
Finally, we learned that these stairs are very dangerous and began to be more careful.

Fernanda said...

Well, fortunately I never had an accident, but I saw one when I arrived from a party of a friend.
It happened about six months ago, at seven o’clock in the morning.
I was in my house, washing my teeth, when I listened a very loud noisy… It came from outdoors. I went out and I saw a boy lying on the street, with his motorbike next to him. The guy was remained in the soil, until a car stopped and called to the ambulance.
Then, the police and the ambulance arrived and took the guy and the motorbike.
The accident concludes with the people of the car screaming and laughing in front of my house and I listening them, because they don't let me sleep!

Fiama said...

I had an accident when I was five years old. I went with my mum by motor bike in order to visit a friend. It was summer and I was wearing a short and sandals.
We were riding across the boulevard when suddenly I putted my foot into the wheel. My mum turned off the motor bike at once two persons helped me because I couldn't move. I was lying on the floor.
After that, I went with my mum to the hospital.
Finally, I returned to my house with my foot bandaged but soon I got over it, I was happy to walk again!

Lara said...

It was one of those days that you never forget had a accident.
I had have a shower when I finished ironing the clothes, but forget the iron on a shirt.
When I went to find the shirt it was all burned. I decided to throw and since this my mother ironing my clothes.

Anto said...

I had a really nasty accident on my bike last year. It was 12 of september.It was one of those days that you never forget...
Fist, i was cycling along the road with my friend Florencia, when we chashed into the other car. Florencia fell on the road. Then, i stayed in the bike but at once i helped Florencia and we went on the bike and went home.
In the end, we must look at the road and don´t go in two the bike. Since the accident, i started to be more careful with my bike

Teacher said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! for posting your paragraphs.
I hope you read your classmates'ones,(I´m waiting for Fede and Flor M.) we´ll comment them in class.
I hope you enjoy your Holidays. remember to visit the blog , practising while you play a game or just reading the news...

Fede said...

It was a disaster day. I had a car accident in the farm. The day was rainy and the way was wet, it was muddy.
That accident happened last month, I was practisin to drive.
First, we played a "Truco" match in the farm house. Then, me and my dad started to drive the car. After that, I lost control so I had to turned and the car started to roll and we crashed into a gate.
Finally, we stood up so as to go the farm. After that, we went to the hospital and it was all ok.

Teacher said...

To Fede: Well done for you too..!
I´m happy you did your homework: It´S ok. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

flor!!! said...

I had a big accident at Romina´s hause, she´s my sister.It was really a comedy because I was a victim of a dream.That I cant´t wake up.
I was sleeping for aproximatly one hour.
When my sister arrived, she started to call me but I didn´t listen to.
After that she dialled the police number and they came to her house.
All my family were worried and hopeless for me...and I was only sleeping!!!
Finally I listened to the noises and opened the door....but what have happened??
It was horrible...