Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hello everybody! I´d like to introduce myselft. I know that here there are many acquaintance people to me, whom know me, but is possible that you don´t know what I am doing or why I have to learn English.
So, I´m Mauricio Aragno. I´m very young, I´m only 27 years old... I´m pharmacist. I was living for two years in Ushuaia (The city called: “The end of the world”).Nowadays, I´m working in San Vicente in the UOM´s pharmacy, but I´m leaving soon (I hope!) because I´m a member of “Doctor Without Borders” an International Medical Humanitarian Organization and I just have a mission. I´m going to work in Zambia (Africa), for that, I have to learn English. I need to speak very well because will be my only comunication form and my tool of work.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent comment, Mauri. your humanitarian work is really interesting and I wish you the best for your next trip to Zambia.