Thursday, April 17, 2008

Hi ¡

My name is Antonela but my friends call me "macu".I´m sixteen and I was born in Santa Fe Argentina, but now I live here in San Vicente.I have lived in San Vicente for 15 yers. I love it!

My hobbies and interests are reading,swimming and meeting people so I love going out whit Carla, Andre and Lala (my friends).

When I have a free time go to the daddy ´s farmer and I ride the horses and play whit my dogs Rocco and Bronco.I like very much animals.

My favorite subjets are maths and English. I´m learning English because my parents want me to! But now I agree with them. English is necessary in the modern world so I must know it.


Anonymous said...

I´m glad you posted :That´s great ,You all look very nice in the picture!!!! Are they your friends??

Anonymous said...

Hi!!! Im mAvI but my friend call me "negra", I fiveteen years old, I`m student at EEMPI`s school, and I go to english at ACI.
My favourite group of music is aerosmith.
I don`t like go to school and get up early but I like going out with my friends on the weekends and in my free time. Also I like watch TVR on saturday night.
Something that I can`t live without is "Perico", my teddy bear who is with me all nights while I`m sleeping. I had it since I was born,I love it!! (smiles)

Carlo said...

Hi! My name is Carlo. I`m sixteen years old. I live in San Vicente. I don`t like getting up early and clean my room. My favourites animal si a dog. I listen to nacional rock. At weekeends I like staying with my friends and play football. I started English in 2004. I get on well with my father. My favourite sports is football and I like watching football and tennis. My favourite programme is "Futbol de Primera". I can`t live without my CDS and computer.My favourite subject is Phisical Education.

Anonymous said...

Well done Carlo! This is the way to start using your English.